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Warehouse control, management and insights. All solved with Skuup...

Need to manage your warehouse more efficiently? Sell more seamlessly? Skuup offers an all in one solution for wholesalers and exporters built on the latest technology.

Manage your Warehouse (WMS)

From handling goods and stock control to floor zoning, Skuup is an end-to-end warehouse management solution.

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Control your Warehouse (WCS)

Automating warehouse processes through a blend of software and hardware, Skuup uses latest technologies including cloud computing and robotics.

Pinpoint Accuracy with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM

Connect your business cross-department with data driven decision making. Inventory data, accounting and customer accounts (CRM), all in one place.

Wholesale Ecommerce by Indimand

At Skuup, we understand ecommerce for wholesalers is different to running an ordinary online shop. That’s why we use Indimand to deliver a best-in-class ecommerce experience with a seamless integration to your warehouse.

Marketing Tech

Create your own marketing hub for buyers and suppliers to engage, purchase and sell more through your portal.

About Skuup

Part of The Hatch Group, Skuup is the new name for Evolv Business Technologies. With a specialism in warehousing, ecommerce and industrial monitoring, Skuup’s mission is to transform businesses in the wholesale and export space through technology and marketing.   

Latest WMS Work

Business Transformation with Smylies – the UK’s leading food & drink exporter

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Get in Touch

Want to transform your business today? Let’s talk.